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For this reason, the gingival tissues need to be pushed away from the preparation margin in order to make it accessible to the impression material. One way to retract gingival tissues away from the tooth is by insertion of a retraction cord into the gingival crevice.

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Plaster of Paris is traditionally used as a casting material once the impression has been taken, however its use as an impression material is occasionally useful in edentate patients. Additionally, more water is added to the powder than with the casting material to aid in good flow during impression taking. As the impression material is very similar to the casting material to be used, it requires the incorporation of a separating medium e. If a special tray is to be used, impression plaster requires 1—1. Advantages: [3]. Disadvantages: [3].

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Impression compound has been used for many years as an impression material for removable prostheses. Although its use has recently declined with the advent of better materials. Due to its poor flow characteristics, it is unable to reproduce fine detail and so its use is somewhat limited to the following scenarios:. Once in the mouth, the material will harden and record the detail of the soft tissues. The impression can further be hardened by placing it in cold water after use. Impressions with compound should be poured within an hour as the material exhibits poor dimensional stability.

There are two main presentations of impression compound: red compound and greenstick.

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The latter is mainly used for border moulding and recording the post-dam area. It is available in Putty and light body consistencies to aid dentists make perfect impressions for fabrication of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers. Example Flexceed.

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Impression paste is traditionally used to take the working secondary impressions for a complete denture. The two pastes should be used in equal amounts and blended together with a stainless steel spatula Clarident spatula on a paper pad. Zinc-oxide Eugenol plaster will produce a mucostatic impression. Agar is a material which provides high accuracy. Therefore, it is used in fixed prosthodontics crowns, bridges or when a dental model has to be duplicated by a dental technician. Agar is a true hydrophilic material, hence the teeth do not need to be dried before placing it into the mouth.

The material comes in form of tubes or cartridges. A special hardware is required in the process of taking agar impressions, namely a water bath and rim lock trays with coiled edges allowing passage of cold water for cooling the material to set while in the mouth.

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The tray is connected to a hose, material is loaded onto the tray and placed in the mouth over the preparation — an adequate thickness of the material is required, otherwise distortion may occur upon removal from the mouth. The other end of the hose is connected to a cold water source. The hydrocolloid is then cooled down through the tray wall which results in setting of the material.

The models should be poured as soon as possible to avoid changes in dimensional stability. Modern dentistry offers other materials e. Advantages: [1]. Disadvantages: [1]. Alginate , on the other hand, is an irreversible hydrocolloid. It exists in two phases: either as a viscous liquid, or a solid gel, the transition generated by a chemical reaction. The overall setting double composition reaction is as follows:.

Sodium phosphate is added as a retarder which preferentially reacts with calcium ions to delay the set of the material. Alginate has a mixing time of 45—60 secs, a working time of 45 secs fast set and 75 secs regular set. The setting time can be between 1 — 4. You want to ensure that the material is fully set before removal from the mouth. The water content that the completed impression is exposed to must be controlled.

Improper storage can either result in syneresis the material contracts upon standing and exudes liquid or imbibition water uptake which is uncontrolled in extent and direction. Therefore, the impression must be stored correctly, which involves wrapping the set material in a damp tissue and storing it in a sealed polythene bag until the impression can be cast. Alginate is used in dental circumstances when less accuracy is required.

For example, this includes the creation of study casts to plan dental cases and design prosthesis , and also to create the primary and working impressions for denture construction. Several faults can be encountered when using an alginate impression material, but these can generally be avoided through adequate mixing, correct spatulation, correct storage of the set material, and timely pouring of the impression.

Due to the increased accuracy of elastomers, they are recommended for taking secondary impressions over alginate. Patients both preferred the overall experience of having an impression taken with an elastomer than with alginate, and also favoured the resultant dentures produced. As stated above, there are times clinically where the accuracy of an alginate impression is not acceptable, particularly for the construction of fixed prosthodontics. If your dentures do start to feel less secure, call the practice and book an appointment.

Over time, your mouth changes shape and you may need to adjust or replace your dentures. Our latest Instagram posts. Dentures If you have missing teeth, we can restore your smile and your confidence with comfortable natural-looking dentures. Get in touch. Everything you need to know about dentures Dentures are sets of prosthetic teeth, which can be used to replace a small number or a full arch of missing teeth. Download Odi barbare PDF. Thomas PDF Kindle. Hooker and Elsa A. Household management illustrated: Containing full information for the housewife on the economical maintenance and running of the home PDF Download.

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