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It cannot be improved upon. It's flawless. This one is a 4x4 that drops out of an airplane. Little Miss Sunshine Volkswagen Bus — The T2 version of VW's glorious transporter is the setting for most of this cross-country comedy about family dysfunction. Reportedly five identical vans were used during filming. For, you know, low-key, clandestine smuggling reasons. Based on the Cannonball race, it beat The Gumball Rally into theaters by a month in Viva Las Vegas Elva Mk. VI — In Elvis Presley's best movie released in , he drove this lay-down, midengine Elva to victory in a wildly destructive race.

Need for Speed Ford Mustang Shelby GT — This terrible movie featured loads of exotic cars, but much of the heavy stunt lifting was done by a squadron of Mustangs portraying a GT It's cheaper to wreck Mustangs than Koenigseggs. But Bigfoot's appearance in it made monster trucks popular. And with that alone, it steals the movie. A GT convertible modified for off-road work. A sphincter says what? They've been going on TV since and through two live-action theatrical films.


But at least they were plausible replicas of great cars. Green Hornet Black Beauty Imperial — The one thing the movie got right is that Black Beauty is an Imperial as it was in the TV series which was re-edited into a theatrical movie based on Bruce Lee's popularity as Kato. Everything else sucked. The real Anvil is safe and intact.

The same can't be said for the several Mustangs that were sacrificed in order to film it being run over by a tank. Death Proof Chevrolet Nova — Director Quentin Tarantino's love letter to s car chase movies features this flat-black and murderous beast. Goldfinger First appearance of a Mustang in a film; filming took place under secrecy before the Mustang was introduced. Ghostbusters Cadillac Miller Meteor Ambulance — Call who you're gonna call in the film, and the Ghostbusters show up in "Ecto-1," this modified Miller-Meteor Futura ambulance.

Animal House Lincoln Continental — Flounder's brother's car in the classic comedy. Becomes the Deathmobile in the film's climax. Road trip! It was a Popular AMT model kit. Taken out by a white Challenger. Since Bullitt , the second-generation Dodge Charger has been used in seemingly hundreds of film chases. Under the fur, the rumors go, is a Ford Econoline.

‎Gone In 60 Seconds on iTunes

Seems plausible. Stunt coordinator Gary Davis doubled Jeff Bridges. He was 68 years old at the time. But it's the ratty Caddy Nick Nolte drove that everyone remembers. But really, he was better off as the clapped-out ' Goes into an alley up on its right wheels, comes out on its left. The man has taste. That lake had, like, the softest water ever.

A good thing to steal, too. Comically modified for this film. Rebel Without a Cause Mercury — James Dean's ride in this drama of teen angst and delinquency. Released a month after Dean's death while driving a Porsche. The scale is graduated using the speed of sound through the atmosphere.

How to turn on 4K video and change its shooting format

The scale allows the user to determine the distance to an event that can be both seen and heard. The two most widely cited examples are lightning and artillery fire. The user starts the chronograph upon seeing the flash of light and stops the chronograph when he hears the sound. The approximate distance to the event can then be read off the scale. Miles and kilometers are the most common units of distance. The scale is typically explained on the dial. The seconds hand will point to the number of beats or breaths per minute on the scale. Enjoyed reading your detailed Chronograph description.

I may buy a Tissot Sport. My husband fours drawing for client so I was wondering which would be the best watch to buy that could help him to keep count of the time he has spent on his work. I read this article at least three times when I first encountered it about 12 months ago. It was extremely useful.

Top 102 Movie Cars of All Time

I ended up purchasing a Oris Valtteri Bottas limited edition and have been thrilled with it. My other front runners all had bigger names and bigger price tags. But they also had some less desirable features. I wanted at least a 44mm dia. Other considerations I took into account only after reading this article, ended up making a substantive difference. Thanks again for re-publishing this. I recommend it heartily.

Thank you for taking the time to write this out! I am currently in the market for a new watch and this article is the best I have found thank you. My Breitling Aerospace that I have worn for 29 years is needing to be replaced and they thing that amazes me is how large so many watches are now.

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I found this very informative about what I had not been told about before. Thank you. I have an Omega Speedmaster.

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The timing function and biggest source of inaccuracy is the user reaction time to start and stop. A function can be no more accurate than its least accurate component. This seems to be ignored when manufacturers tout how accurately their watch can time an event.

Excellent point. The hype IMHO is more remnant of yester-years when it had actual functional value coupled with the precision accomplished with mechanical gears. I have a Sinn EZM I use it from time to time for its intended purpose; mostly I just like looking at it. After a lot of looking for a truly rugged chronograph dive watch, I found one I really liked, bought it, Then discovered that those big super luminova covered hands that made the watch so easy to read in the dark, blocked visibility of the sub-dials—it takes the minute hand an excruciatingly long time to get past the hour and minute sub-dials.

Nice thin tritium-lit hour and minute hands would make this watch perfect.

How to make hard choices - Ruth Chang

The older I get, the simpler I like my watches. At this point I prefer a good old 3,hand automatic. It has the day, date, even the month and of course a chronograph function. It is just very cool. I have a Smartphone, actually two, one of each flavor, Apple and Android. I have not, nor will I ever pull out my phone when asked what time it is. I pull back my cuff and glance at my wrist. Smartphones are precise but a wristwatch is elegant.