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Digital remastering engineers rework and enhance older recordings made on vinyl, reel-to-reel, or even 8-track for release in digital format.

MSc Music Engineering and Production

Live sound engineers operate the soundboard and audio systems during live concerts and shows. Post-production engineers add final touches to recordings, such as effects, smoothing out tracks, equalizing tracks and compressing songs for digital release. With audio software so readily available, anyone with a laptop could be a music producer these days, and many producers do work as freelance professionals. But competition is intense.

Music Production & Sound Engineering Certificate

Succeeding as a producer takes determination, skill and a sense of musicality to help artists achieve the best results. Becoming a studio engineer often requires trade or vocational training and may require a college degree. Certifications in equipment and software are often more important than formal education. Skip to main content. Digital Vision.

Then, as time goes on and you earn more and more money, you can upgrade to better and more advanced equipment. When it comes to XLR cables, mic stands, and pop filters, you can find good quality items for relatively cheap. When tracking, you want isolation, which is what closed-back headphones give you.

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This is also a chance for you to get really familiar with your equipment. That will kill any confidence the artist may have had in you.

Going from zero clients to one or two clients is going to involve you offering free work. I can do the same for you!

Making money as a freelance Music Engineer is all well and good, but you may not be able to really break through the noise unless you invest in yourself and your future. One way you can do that is by earning a Recording Engineer degree.

B.S. in Music Engineering Technology

This typically includes info that can be hard to find online. This means it can give you more leverage in the job market. All of these things indicate that you have attention to detail. When Bent first started out, she saved a ton of money because she expected to work for little or no money. She says every beginner Engineer should expect to do this as well. Career Articles.

Program Description

Quality Blog Posts. November 29, By Caleb J.

What it takes to be an audio engineer

Murphy About the Author. Caleb J. Jobs are available with record labels, marketing companies, independent production houses and other industry-related organizations. It can take a while to make a higher salary in this industry because you need to build a client base and a strong reputation; however, once you establish yourself, earnings will likely be much higher.

Use the left-column navigation to refine your search by College, Program Availability, Program Start Date and more, or see the table below for a complete list of music production programs at Ontario colleges. Close Clear Button. Music - Production.