Guide Palestine between Politics and Terror, 1945–1947 (The Schusterman Series in Israel Studies)

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Who knows, it may have even helped him get elected. But the rabbi said he is urging Kurz not to form a coalition government with the Freedom Party. Haider was killed in a car crash in Beginning in , Austria became the gateway for nearly , migrants enroute to Germany; it reportedly received asylum applications from 68, of them. Strache, 48, has admitted in interviews that as a youth he visited camps affiliated with Austrian neo-Nazi organizations. He was arrested by German police more than 30 years ago for taking part in a torch-lit protest by a group aping the Hitler Youth.

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But last month a group commemorating Nazi camp victims published a list of what it claimed were 60 anti-Semitic and racist incidents committed by Freedom Party members since What they are is openly anti-Muslim. Public Interest Research Group that focuses on abusive mortgage practices that target seniors. By categorizing these complaints, we believe there is an opportunity to better understand trends of predatory behavior towards seniors in order to work towards greater protection in the workplace. Abusive mortgage practices were the leading source of more than 72, complaints to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from consumers 62 years or older, followed by credit reporting and debt collection abuses, says a new report from the U.

The report, co-authored by The Frontier Group, was cited by U.

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The group says the legislation would gut the powers of the consumer bureau at a time when financial scams against seniors are increasing. Other leading complaint categories were credit reporting 17 percent and debt collection 17 percent.

Carolyn B. Maloney, D-N. Eurasia Diary: Interview with B'nai b'rith president gary p. Saltzman about the history of our organization and the growth of anti-Semitism around the world. Saltzman notes about our organization: "We advocate for Israel, the Jewish people globally, and for all people wherever they are for decency and acceptable human rights that all people are entitled to.

Saltzman, your organization celebrates its th anniversary on 13 October.

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I congratulate you and your team on occasion of this important date. Please, tell us how you managed to keep the organization. For years, we have moved forward and changed and delivered services to people whenever and wherever they were needed. Hospitals, orphanages, libraries, disaster help for those in need, looking after Jews, focusing on Jewish continuity—we have always evolved and grown.

For years, we have been at the forefront of change and that allows us to stay as relevant today as we were at our founding. Are you satisfied with the activity of your organization? I am extremely satisfied with the efforts of our professional staff and our volunteers in carrying out the mission of our organization.

The purpose of our existence today is as vital as it ever has been and we never take our eye off of our ultimate goals: helping people, tikkun olam repairing the world. We advocate for Israel, the Jewish people globally, and for all people wherever they are for decency and acceptable human rights that all people are entitled to. We look out for seniors and for those in need of extra care, to make sure older citizens can live a life with dignity in their later years.

One of goals of the organization is to fight against anti-Semitism.

Palestine between politics and terror, 1945/1947

How effectively does your organization stand against the spread of anti-semitism in the world? Our presence around the world with members and supporters affords us the opportunity to reach out to the leaders of the various nations to speak about the issues of anti-Semitism in the United States and globally, in Europe, in Asia, in Latin America, in Australia, New Zealand and in the Middle East: We are out there advocating with our professionals and volunteers to remind the world that anti-Semitism is not just a Jewish issue but leads to a global issue of hatred that can extend anywhere.

How do you assess the level of anti-Semitism in post-Soviet countries? We have found a welcome response from the leaders of many of these nations who understand the importance of fighting anti-Semitism. Some have initiated programs and when they see signs or evidence of this activity, they are quick to respond to try to remind their countrymen about the evils of anti-Semitism and how it will not be tolerated under their leadership.

What are your organization's plans for the near future? During the remainder of my term as president, we will continue to be the global advocate for all people. We look to further our presence in the European theater while we are already there in many ways through the U. We look to work on behalf of Israel for a just two-state solution and peace and offer our efforts wherever they may be helpful to further this possibility. He will be addressing United Nations bodies at the U. Louis for his talk.

A native of Swanzey, N. Louis was in In advance of his St. Louis visit, the Jewish Light caught up with Mariaschin for an interview. Our traditional mission of volunteerism in the community continues to guide our organization. One good example of this is affordable housing for seniors. We were instrumental in pioneering affordable low-income housing for seniors in St.

Louis and beyond. Partnering with the Department of Housing and Urban Development for more than 40 years, we now have more than 38 such properties around the United States, with 4, apartments and about 8, residents, enabling seniors, no matter their race or religion, to live comfortably and with dignity. We also advocate for seniors on Social Security, Medicare and other issues. Our disaster relief programs are international, assisting victims of natural disasters in the United States, and around the world, who have seen earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and tornados bring devastation into their lives.

And our support and advocacy for Israel is always at the center of our public policy programs.

UPNE - Palestine between Politics and Terror, – Motti Golani

How have the challenges of anti-Semitism and racism changed over the years? The challenges from anti-Semitism and racism over the years have changed in some ways, and remain the same in others. Before the advent of the internet, we probably knew less about the extent of anti-Semitic acts, and often there was a time lag between the discovery of such activity and having the public learning about it. Today, we hear about it real time. The opportunity to spread anti-Semitism has increased exponentially, with the appearance of websites that promote hate, and bloggers and those who comment free to add their own ingredients of hatred to the mix.

Today, we see manifestations of it everywhere: from the extreme left, the extreme right and from the Middle East.

Conflict in Israel and Palestine: Crash Course World History 223

Today, being vigilant means tracking and responding to these threats and challenges each and every day. Confronting anti-Semitism and racism means all of us need to be involved. In addition to responding immediately when these acts occur, we need to re-double our efforts to educate each new generation of young people about the harm inflicted on all of us by hate speech, intolerance, and surely, acts of violence that can grow out of it.

Mutual respect should be a basic value stressed not only in all of our schools, but at home and in non-school activities. We need this now. How can Jewish leaders and individuals best respond to the presidency of Donald Trump, whose policies have often been at odds with positions held by many Jewish organizations? As with every administration, few organizations are ever completely in sync with every policy position that emanates there.

An organization like ours has long-held positions on a wide range of issues, domestic and foreign, from health care to immigration to relations with Israel, our positions at the United Nations, or the best way to conduct the war on terror. Keeping doors open is important; we always want to make sure our voice is heard and that we have the right access through which to express our views.

Turetzky and the lodge have been providing bears to hospitals and children's centers since , and he estimates that they have donated more than 30, bears. In , Turetzky said he was reading an article in the Commercial Appeal about how children at the Child Advocacy Center CAC was running low on bears for its annual bear walk event. We ended up with money for about Walgreens was one donor, Turetzky said, giving about 80 bears to the cause from a single location.

So we started providing them with teddy bears, first for the one center in Memphis, and the past few years for all of their locations in the area. Even residents at Plough Towers, federally subsidized housing, got onto the list, as did at least one alcohol rehab center in town. He received a teddy bear, and thanked Turetzky for it with tears in his eyes.

American Jewish leaders are denouncing plans by a New York University NYU -affiliated theater to host a play that portrays Palestinian terrorists as heroes.

New Podcast: Decision Points: The U.S.-Israel Relationship

Among those promoting the play on YouTube is Ibrahim Abayat, one of the leaders of the church occupation. Whitewashing terrorism The play was first performed overseas in England in Front Matter Pages i-xiii. Front Matter Pages Pages Overview of Canadian Jewry.