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  1. The Unbeatables, review: 'foul'
  2. The Unbeatables review: foosball comes to life in this lively family film
  3. STB auto-tuned The Unbeatables and it has become the earworm of the day –

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The Unbeatables, review: 'foul'

Review Our Score. The Unbeatables is the computer animated story of Amadeo voiced by Rupert Grint , a table football expert whose pint-sized players come to life to help him take on arrogant football superstar striker Flash Anthony Head in an actual match to save his village.

While the plot may wander at times, the English-language version of this Argentinian film benefits greatly from the comedy trio of Ralf Little, Peter Serafinowicz and Rob Brydon as the voices of Amadeo's diminutive team-mates. The witty script and banter between the three makes for some very funny moments, while the digs at the excesses of modern football Flash's mansion is a giant shrine to himself will ring true to followers of "the beautiful game". Both Grint and Eve Ponsonby as the voice of love interest Laura put a soft edge on all this comedic energy, making for a film that may not be quite as polished as its American counterparts, but still manages to hit the target.

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The Unbeatables review: foosball comes to life in this lively family film

A table football expert finds his life ruined when a champion footballer he once defeated plans to demolish his village and seduce the girl he secretly loves. He finds unexpected support when the players on his beloved game come to life to help save the town.

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Animated adventure, with the voices of Rupert Grint and Anthony Head. Rico Rob Brydon. Flash Anthony Head.

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STB auto-tuned The Unbeatables and it has become the earworm of the day –

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